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Gymnasium, Sardis
Amphitheatre, Pompeii
Hampton Court Palace
Gymnasium, Sardis (Watercolour) 
Inspired by the Ancient Roman building in Turkey. 47 x 34 cm
Amphitheatre, Pompeii (Watercolour) SOLD
Ancient Roman building dates back to 70-80 B.C. 38 x 23.8 cm
Hampton Court Palace (Watercolour) 
The facade built by Sir Christopher Wren, overlooking the magnificent gardens. 52.4 x 37 cm
Ely Cathedral Door
Ely Cathedral In Autumn
Ely Cathedral In Winter
Ely Cathedral in Autumn, (Watercolour) SOLD
Present building dates back to 1083. A4 Size.
Ely Cathedral in Winter, (Watercolour) SOLD
A4 Size (29.7 x 21.0 cm).
Ely Cathedral  Door (Watercolour) 
12.1 x 15.5 cm
Light Conversation in Cambridge City Centre
Light Conversation (Watercolour) 
(Cambridge city with St John's College)
A4 Size. (29.7 x 21.0 cm)
Florence Cathedral
Florence Cathedral (Watercolour) 
(Watercolour with pen and ink)
A4 Size (29.7 x 21.0 cm)
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